What the…

So I said I’d do it.

Start a blog, that is.

I said I’d do this months ago but struggled with the self-doubt negative-Nancy thoughts that like to creep into my brain now and again. Or, as my husband would like to say, on a regular basis.

“Would anyone care what I have to say?

“Would I have enough to say?”

“Would I have enough time?”

And the short answer is: who knows and who cares.

I said I was going to do this and, truth be told, it’s intended to be therapeutic and nothing more so we shall see where this leads. Nobody is expecting my rants of randomness to become a must-read on the Internet overnight, so why should I?

I am a great starter.

I am exceptionally good at starting things and usually fail miserably at finishing them (we’ll talk more about that later).

But see… that’s the great thing about blogging. There is no finishing it so there is no failure.

So here it is: My first post into the blogosphere.

Hello world!

Now… what to write next. 🙂


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