Tennis, anyone?

Today I remembered why i shouldn’t work out midday.

I’m white. Really white.

The sun and I don’t have such an amicable relationship.

I was the kid whose mother had to dunk her head in ice water and then french braid it to keep from passing out during spring soccer games. The french braid was the key – it really locked in the coolness.

Every braid I had was topped off with a ginormous bow – which matched my jersey, of course. I had the BEST bows as a kid.

I was the kid who couldn’t take an afternoon walk in Las Vegas without having to be thrown into the fountain outside the Mirage. I remember the water being unnaturally teal and thinking – this can’t be healthy and what the hell is in here?

But my face was the color of my red cotton sundress so at that point, I didn’t care and I plunged head-first into that chemical-infested fountain. I’m pretty sure I was also crying at the time.

I was the girl who had to leave Palm Springs early from a trip with my girlfriends at age 20. Too much sun and too many beers were a disastrous combination for me. I ended up pretty much collapsing in the Claim Jumper. I remember everyone staring and I remember being so uncomfortable that I didn’t even have the energy to be embarrassed. Again, I think there were tears involved.

My mom calls it “overheating” which I’m pretty sure is a more casual term for heat exhaustion.

Knowing my history, I’m shocked I chose to play tennis today at 1 p.m. in 85 degree heat.

Did I mention I was wearing pants? Pants. Black ones.

I had man-legs and was embarrassed to wear little shorts considering my legs looked like those of a 14-year-old boy. ( I hadn’t shaved… and they were beyond prickly. Totally unacceptable. Seriously.)

The idea to play tennis is part of this new health kick I’m on. In addition to hitting the weights and logging cardio hours, the plans asks you to incorporate “active rest” days.

This means doing a physical activity that is fun but also burns calories. The idea is to break up the monotony of the gym to keep you motivated.

I get the theory and actually like the idea.

Did I also mention I don’t actually play tennis?

Apparently I figured buying a pink racquet at Sports Chalet qualified me for the sport.

By the time I actually started hitting the ball in a somewhat acceptable manner, meaning it wasn’t flying over the fence or into the court next to us, my cheeks were so hot and I felt my legs start to wobble.

Uh oh….

The hubby and I called it a day and headed in.

But there was that disgusting feeling I remembered as a kid: pounding head, stinging cheeks and a queasy feeling in my stomach.

I had “overheated” and I’m still feeling the effects at midnight the same day.

I passed out on the couch and battled a seething headache for the rest of the night.

So I was reminded of a valuable lesson today: know your body.

My body doesn’t like midday workouts, wearing pants outside during physical activities and I’m pretty sure my body doesn’t really like the sport of tennis but that’s just too bad because I’m going to keep giving it a try.

If you’re low-energy in the morning, don’t force it. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t clock gym time a couple hours before bed because those endorphins will keep your mind racing.

Do what works for you and find your happy workout spot – whatever that may be. For me, that’s in the evening. I’ll save midday for pool time or shopping.


2 thoughts on “Tennis, anyone?

  1. Awwww, man! Sorry for the overheat! Tennis is SO much harder than it looks! I acknowledge you for trying!!! Xxxo πŸ™‚

    ps “unnaturally teal” and “collapsing in the Claim Jumper”…… love your writing πŸ™‚

  2. You say you’re not a tennis player? I would argue you on that. I remember a very sun-flowered, 12 year old girl in Palm Springs who did quite well for herself. Maybe.

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