Yoga pose of the week: the twist

In my Vinyasa yoga class, I was reminded of how beneficial this pose is (especially for women) and I wanted to share it with you.

Chances are, if any of you have every played a sport, set foot in a gym or have taken a P.E. class, you’ve done this move.

But I guarantee you didn’t know all the benefits your body is getting out of it!

In Yoga, this is just one of dozens upon dozens of “twists” that are part of a regular practice but this is, by far, the most relaxing one.

This is a reclining twist that feels oh-s0-good on the back. But did you know that taking this position and breathing deeply actually detoxes your internal organs, flushes your lymphatic system and mellows out your Central Nervous System?

Pretty freaking cool, huh?

So try taking this position when you’re feeling stressed. About 10 to 15 breaths in this baby and you’ll feel totally relaxed.

Lay flat on your back and drop one knee across your body to the left. Extend your right arm and look out over your fingers. You can choose to close your eyes, if you want.

Breathe. And deeply. In and out through your nose.

Make sure to not force your knee down, let your body find the spot that’s good for it. Also, you make get a natural adjustment in your lower back, but don’t force it.

If you’re flexible and feeling like more of a stretch, go ahead and extend your top leg out to the side across your body.

Now switch sides.

Bam! Instant rejuvenation.


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