Catalogue obsession

If I had it my way, I’d keep every Nordstrom catalogue I receive in its own special bookcase.

That bookcase would probably be purple and possibly lacquered. And it would have a mirrored antique lamp on it so I could view the catalogue’s contents in all their glory.

JD is now making me throw out the old months and only keep the current ones. It makes me a little sad because I earmark all my fashion hopes and dreams in these catalogues and I feel bad when I just toss them aside without fulfilling them.

Although, I admit, some of my fashion dreams are quite unrealistic (note: the diamond-encrusted Michele watch is probably not happening any time soon.)

I LOVE getting my Nordstrom catalogues and the best part is you never get just one per season. They’ll send you the clothing, then one to cover accessories and then one that’s all about makeup. Pure bliss.

As I was flipping through the September one today, I had to share some of my favorites for the fall.

Now if only the weather could coordinate with the fashion choices I want to wear. What the hell, September?

Check it out and love it with me:

Faux fur: Yes, yes and yes. I’m dying for a faux fur vest a la Rachel Zoe. LOVE this one from Alberto Makali. 

Man watches: I love me some bulky watches and I would probably do bad things to get my hands on this Burberry piece. It’s the perfect combo of classy and edgy. I love the grey-ish brown leather. That tone is my new favorite neutral.

Crocodile purses: Does crocodile ever actually go out of style? I always think it’s so classy and chic. This particular purse by Brahmin is definitely earmarked in my September catalogue.

Boot covers: As a child of the 80s, I will probably always think leg warmers and headbands are cool no matter how old I get.  But I am completely loving this take on the 80s trend. It’s more modern and I’m pretty sure I need a few pairs of these.


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