Where are you from?

This post will be the random of all randomness but I can’t resist.

Do I have an accent? I mean, really… do I?

Sometimes I do this totally weird stutter thing like my mouth is moving too fast for my brain but it definitely does not qualify as an accent. It’s embarrassing and I curse myself when it happens, which is usually when I’m excited.

Anyway… if you all knew how many times people ask me where I’m from followed by their complete shock when I reveal I’m an OC native you wouldn’t believe me. It’s UN-real.

This happens ALL the time.  I’d say at least once a month. When I was waitressing, it happened at least once a week.

And it happened Friday morning on my Starbucks run. I have to say it just leaves me completely baffled.

The barista asked me where I was from and when I said “up the street” she replied, “Oh, you have an accent”.

Do I? From where?

She couldn’t say.

That’s the strangest part. Nobody can EVER offer up a legit suggestion of where I might be from.

On one occasion some said “the south”.  Um, incorrect.

On another, someone said “the northeast”. Immediately I thought of the Kennedys and realized the person who offered up that geographical location obviously had no idea what people from the “northeast” sound like.

Once in my life, I got asked if I was from Sweden.  OK people, I know I don’t talk like a foreigner. Although I wouldn’t mind looking like I was from Sweden. Wouldn’t hate that one bit.

Anyway, Friday morning’s short exchange just reminded me how often this happens and made me want to possibly pick a very distinct accent to start utilizing with strangers.

I pick Australian. It’s the best. You know it.



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