Supplemental overload

I am a fitness magazine junkie.

Every month, I get my fitness magazines and browse through the promises of preventing wrinkles and losing inches.

I sometimes get upset with myself if the month passes and damn if I don’t have the six- pack that girl in the skimpy shorts was flaunting on page 57.

But sometimes it’s my fault. I don’t always DO the routines the girl with no fat is advertising so, whatever.

Anyway …

In each and every issue there is some article, some feature that promises if you supplement your diet with this fruit, that vegetable or those vitamins, magic will happen.

It usually goes something like this:

Studies say if you eat 23 strawberries every day those dimples near your ass will literally melt away!

Well, if we took every piece of advice they served up we’d be in trouble.

But they ALL sound so great … who doesn’t want glowing skin, a faster metabolism and less cellulite?

If you are not raising your hand or nodding, I’m pretty sure I don’t like you.

And I’m also pretty sure this means you are that girl on page 57 who already has all these things. Good for you.

But for many of us, we  have real deficiencies that are keeping our bodies from functioning properly, which can contribute to drab skin and a sluggish metabolism.

Some of it is genetic, some of it is due to medications we are taking and some of it is because we are just not eating the right things.

But NOBODY needs to be taking 15 different vitamins a day and eating 27 servings of fruit and vegetables, which is what would happen if you piled month after month of fitness magazine advice into your system.

I’m not saying don’t EVER try some of these things.  I’m just saying know your body’s situation FIRST before trying to supplement it with things it may not need.

The only real way to figure out what your body is lacking or what it has enough of is through a blood test – plain and simple.

BUT if you haven’t had a blood test and aren’t getting one soon, there is an alternative that can be of some help in the interim.

Enter “Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous.”

This book has an entire section on supplements and the best part about it is they are ALL situational.

You can look up what plagues YOU in your day-to-day life. It covers everything from dry skin to allergies to lethargy.

For example, did you know if you’re taking birth control pills you need to also be taking a B complex supplement or at least B6 every day?

Those tiny pink pills literally suck the B vitamins right out you.

B vitamins are metabolism-boosting, make for better skin and hair, and support central nervous system functions.

Being deficient in vitamin B can result in depression, anemia and even acne (who knew!)

Supplements have their place but know where your body stands first.

Also, you should always try to get MOST of your vitamins from your food, if you can.  Take note of what fruits and veggies offer what vitamins and start stacking your plate with them. And always try to go organic.

Another bonus of Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous is its natural cures for hangovers, common colds and PMS, among dozens of other ailments. You name the ailment, it’s got the cure. It’s pretty amazing.

I’ll be posting a few of these “cures” in the future, so take note!


3 thoughts on “Supplemental overload

  1. I totally knew that, but only because I was b12 deficient for like, a year. Why doesn’t anyone tell you that ahead of time?? Now…how do we get rid of cellulite?

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