Ditch the gym

My new fitness goal… once a month try something new, something strange and something fun.

I want to ditch the gym and get a completely different type of workout.

This weekend I took off to Lake Mead with my brother, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Diane and cousin Adam and holy crap am I sore!

I tried my hand at wakeboarding all three days and got a major workout I was not expecting.

This morning I could barely put my hair up because my arm and back muscles were just screaming at me. I can’t even lift my arms overhead. Nutso.

The result of my fatigued muscles is a really, really bad hair day.

I fear I might look like that child in school whose mother doesn’t know how to do hair so they come to class with a mess of knots that is supposed to look like a braid or crooked pigtails. I always felt bad for those kids.

I was lucky in that aspect, my mom was a pro braider and also quite fond of the topsy-tail twist.

I kinda wish she could’ve been there this morning helping me with my hair today. Lord knows I needed it.  My hair looks rather sad today.

Anyway… back to the lake.

The first day, I was dragged behind the boat like a rag doll.  I guess I couldn’t figure out that if I was face down in the water it was time to let GO of the rope not hang on for dear life.

My hands stung and my arm muscles burned. I didn’t get up once but I didn’t give up either.

By the second day, I could get up and I was cruising outside the wake but couldn’t figure out how to manuever the board.

My family said they enjoyed watching me go last because I provided for some great entertainment before heading in for the night. Apparently my falls were all kinds of comedy.

But by day three, I was up in the wake and even cutting a little bit! Check it out!

I am proud to say I did not face plant once!

I did fall though. A lot. But it was SO worth it.

I am sore in muscles I didn’t know even existed, which reminded me how important it is to keep challenging your body.

So once a month try something different and fun.

I realize I can’t make it out to the lake every weekend but I can try to work in something new each month.

Maybe I’ll try to work in some hiking, rock wall climbing and snowboarding this winter.

Fitness doesn’t have to always be about clocking hours at the gym. Keep your body guessing and it will thank you.

Are any of you going to try any fun fitness outings this month? Please share!


5 thoughts on “Ditch the gym

  1. This hurts just reading it!!! Good for you trying something new and awesome!! You look like a pro in that pic! Let’s go rock climbing….. Xxxo 🙂

  2. Jaimee, I just started reading this. How fun this is. You are such a great writer. Love the info on here. Can’t wait to read more.

      • well, if you want to try it out, lmk. my bf’s crossfit box is right down the street, right off macarthur and red hill. =) i didn’t go much this last month cuz i had too much going on, but usually go 2-3 times a week.

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