Baking fail

I wanted to try something simple and yummy: chocolate cupcakes made from scratch with homemade cream cheese frosting.

Sounds good, right? 

I was so excited to make the dessert for our friends. Tuesday night was family dinner and we were having a little group over for some Italian food.

The recipe I found was titled, “Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever”.

It lied.

These were so NOT the best cupcakes ever. They were actually the exact opposite of the best cupcakes ever.

These cupcakes were not sweet enough or chocolatey enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I still ate two. I mean it is, after all, chocolate. I just expected them to blow my mind and they failed miserably.

The frosting, which I found on another website,  was actually good. It was sweet and creamy, like most cream cheese frostings are.

I still served them to my guests, even though they weren’t the best. I put them in my cupcake tree so they’d at least LOOK good.

What was I going to do? I had 18 cupcakes stacked in the fridge.

I thought to myself, “Maybe one of these people like chocolate cupcakes that taste nothing like chocolate.”

One friend said she did, but I’m pretty sure she was just being nice. The others ate them anyway too. I think they all had a similar mentality to my own: it’s chocolate, we’ll eat it.

I also learned I need to work on my frosting skills. SO messy and ugly.  It is times like these I wish I had a 5-year-old to blame it on. “Oh yeah, sorry for the sloppy frosting job little Sally just really wanted to help her mommy.” Not so lucky. That drippy, lumpy frosting job was all my own.

By the way, I have no intention of actually naming my possible future daughter Sally.

While my last two baking attempts had me feeling confident and ever-the-more Betty Crocker-ish, this last venture humbled me and reminded me that I am still learning.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to tell for myself when I need to tweak a recipe and how. That is the ultimate goal.

Up next: Apple pie or pumpkin cookies… hmmm… which to pick?


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