It’s pronounced ho-ho-ba

As I was preparing for my July wedding, I was convinced by my esthetician to opt out of expensive department store, chemical-ridden beauty products for a more natural solution.

She carries RDA products, which have much more natural ingredients than their fancy counterparts.  They’re also a heck of a lot cheaper than the Laura Mercier products I was filling my medicine cabinet with.

But my secret weapon to good skin (which I like to think I have about 10 months out of the year – it gets a little iffy come January/February) is Jojoba Oil. (Pronounced ho-ho-ba, not jo-jo-ba)

The product was introduced to me by my friend, Kristie. Her family owns and operates a Jojoba Farm and one night during a dinner among friends she passed out a sample to all of us.

The first thing I thought: There is no way in HELL I am putting straight oil on my face.

As a teen, I majorly struggled with acne and was prescribed everything, including Accutane, which was absolute hell on earth but worth it in the end.

I also have crazy combination skin – super oily in places and very dry in others. It’s a bitch finding products that work for me.

But then Kristie told me that Jojoba is all she uses and given that this girl’s skin is completely flawless, I was interested.

She then proceeded to give us her pitch and it was enough to sell me on it. So now I use jojoba oil on my face, twice a day every day. At $10 a bottle, it’s really worth a try.

If you know me, you know just how obnoxiously picky I am about my skin. I just don’t go around slapping anything on it. For example, at the recent Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure I wouldn’t put a breast cancer ribbon sticker on my face as my friends did because I was worried about what chemicals were in the adhesive. I am that obsessive. I wasn’t a complete asshole though, I wore the sticker on my shirt.

Anyway, I am totally in love and even my esthetician approves because it is all  natural.

I still also use my RDA products but I start my facial regimen but slathering Jojoba oil on damp skin and letting it set for a few minutes makes such a huge difference.

Here are the benefits according to the experts:

– Mimics your skin’s own sebum so it balances oily skin and also soothes dry skin. Do not ask me how this is possible. It’s magic. Just accept that it works.

– Can work to loosen oil and dirt embedded deep within pores.

– Can be used on hair as a more natural, less greasy version of Argan Oil.

– Its molecules are smaller than the average facial topical cream or serum so it is easily absorbed deep into the skin.

– You can also use it to shave with (which I haven’t tried yet)

Here’s their website if you’re interested:


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