Just because you can…

Doesn’t mean you should.

That’s today’s lesson.

The other day I was headed to 24 Hour for a gut-busting kickboxing class. I was minding my own business and heading to the ladies’ locker room to grab a towel.

I turn the corner and granted, I MAY have taken the turn a little tight, but I came within inches, INCHES, of slapping stomach first into a buck naked woman.

Highly disturbing.

Not to get graphic but if we would’ve collided I would have had all of her on me… every last bit. I shudder to think about that awkward encounter.

She was probably in her late 60s, possibly new to the gym, and she had NO shame.

There she was, in all her glory, just casually walking through the middle of the locker room. She wasn’t near a locker or getting into the shower. She was just strolling in the middle.

She was carrying a towel but it was hanging from her hand and was doing NOTHING to cover ANYTHING.

Now I get the women’s locker room should be a safe place where we don’t have to worry about being judged for any dimples on our thighs or rolls in our backs but is it really necessary to flaunt it all over the place?

Nobody wants to see your fluffiola, OK? Lock it up.

Just because you CAN walk around naked in a public locker room without a care in the world, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Have some etiquette for the rest of us unsuspecting gym goers, please.

That is all.




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