Shorts with tights

Finally… finally! I found a place I wanted to try out this new fall trend!

The place was a small club in LA called the Satellite.  I went with family to see Gotye. (awesome concert, awesome people, awesome time).

I’ve been waiting quite awhile to give the look a test run but the whole shorts-with-tights look isn’t really work-appropriate, in my humble opinion. And this was the first time in what feels like forever that I ventured out to do something that didn’t call for sweatpants and a hoodie.

I think the key is to keep the shorts loose.

I’ve seen some celebs working the tight jeans shorts over tights and I’m not totally sold – that’s a lot of  “tight” going in to one ensemble.  To me, it looks more frumpy than fashion-friendly. I feel very confused when I see this combo and it makes me uncomfortable.

BUT put some loose fitting shorts over those tights and you are in style this season.  I wore some Army-green printed shorts from Forever 21 with opaque tights, my BA boots and a loose-fitting black tank.

I was into it.

My super girl stance. Wish you could see my boots better!

Here are some examples I love on women with longer legs and a better photographer.

I also like the shorts and tights idea to incorporate color blocking. Something like this is cute:

Give it a try, you might like it! Use what you have in your closet first to make sure you’re even stoked on it.

Happy closet browsing!


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