Feeling under the weather?

It’s that time of year! Sniffles, coughs, and headaches are likely around the corner.


Nobody likes to be sick. It’s not sexy or productive. I had grand plans of baking this amazing pumpkin bread this weekend, going to see a play, and taking yoga. All canceled to nurse an evil little bug.

Just a couple weeks ago I was bragging to a friend about how I haven’t been sick in soooo long.  I guess I didn’t knock on wood hard enough because I was knocked on my butt last week.

I am also one of the worst sick people you will ever meet. I whine like a child and I make strange requests of my husband. “Honey, can you pick me up some frozen chocolate pops, lemon-lime Gatorade and microwaveable macaroni and cheese?”

Really? I’m sick, not pregnant.

But I am the FIRST to admit I am a total baby when I’m feeling under the weather and I’m lucky to have a husband that loves to take care of me when I’m feeling icky.

So remembering how awful it feels to be sick, it reminded me to share some remedies with you from Eat, Drink, & Be Gorgeous, as previously promised. (I’m telling you, this book is a woman’s bible, it has EVERYTHING in it. I highly recommend!)

For the last few years, I have tried to avoid a doctor’s office at the first sign of sickness, preferring to either tough it out or take the natural route to battling colds or the flu.

Something about taking antibiotics every time I’m sick freaks me out. I just personally feel pumping the body with chemicals isn’t always the answer.

I do have a four day rule, though. If by the end of four days I’m not significantly better I will go see a doctor.

Obviously, prevention is the best approach but sometimes all the water and vitamins in the world can’t stop a little bug from wreaking havoc on your life.

Here’s what nutritionist Esther Blum suggests when the symptoms hit:

Cold and Flu

– 250 mg Vitamin C every hour

– 1 teaspoon Echinacea three times a day

– Two 500 mg of olive leaf extract three times a day

– Two capsules, twice a day of  Maitake D

If you’re coughing or are having upper respiratory problems:

Take one dropper of micellized Vitamin A mixed into a shot of juice each day for a week.

So stock up on some of these supplements this cold and flu season, your body will thank you!


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