I’m a runner?

So …  I guess I’m running now.

Somehow I managed to get talked in to training for a half marathon. I’m not sure what I was thinking but I do know it didn’t take very much convincing on the part of my friend, Raven. The fact I was so easily gung-ho about this tells me perhaps I need this challenge in my life.

My first thought when agreeing to this venture was:  even though I’m not in the best shape of my life, I am not in terrible shape either. (Remember how part of this whole Betties deal is doing the fitness thing?)

I can kick butt in an hour-long kickboxing class and make it through an hour and a half of Vinyasa so I should be able to run for 30 minutes, right?


So wrong.

Leave it to running to make me feel disgustingly out of shape.

I may be the worst runner ever. I do not look like that —–>

Last night was my first 30 minutes. It wasn’t pretty or fast, but I finished without stopping.

I sort of felt like I wanted to die and I was embarrassed that 30 minutes of jogging could have that effect on me.  My face looked like a tomato and sweat soaked through my gray T-shirt.

I also cursed myself for wearing gray. It looks so much nastier than other colors when you sweat, don’t you agree?

By the end my legs felt heavy and at one point I wasn’t sure if I was actually jogging or just shuffling along. But I didn’t care; I finished.

After it was over though, I did feel good.

Raven swears it will get easier. She runs while pushing a baby and a ginormous dog and is a couple of miles ahead of me, so I guess I should take her word for it.

The training schedule goes like this:

Tues: 30 min run

Thurs: 3o min run

Saturday: Start with 3 miles and add a mile each Saturday.

Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “I’m a runner?

  1. Good luck buddy! That’s awesome that you’re getting into some run-training. I’m not much of a runner myself, but who knows… maybe you’re blog will inspire me and others out there… Hugs, Kris

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