Resolutions are for babies

I hate New Year’s resolutions.

It’s probably because I always break them.

I always break them because they’re always unrealistic.  I’m going to stop cursing, I’m going to stop eating sugar, or I’m going to lose X amount of pounds. It NEVER happens.

These types of resolutions just set you up for failure, in my opinion.

So this year I propose something new for you to try.

A New Year’s goal list.

They can be simple. Specific or general. Fun or serious.

Maybe some of you already do this.  I have never tried it. I’ve just skipped resolutions in recent years.

Set goals, not a rule that you are inevitably going to break. Rules that limit happiness in life are just negative energy. Who wants to live to never have another cookie again? Um, not me.

If some weight or health related goal is on your list, that’s great but set time-specific goals that are easier to stick to.  To start, maybe you’ll work out two days a week and then every three weeks, add a day. Slow and steady wins the race to a hot bod.

Your goals also don’t have to be self-help related. They could be things you want to do this year. Maybe you want to go to a local museum because you’ve never been, maybe you want to learn a new sport, maybe you want to rescue a dog.

Write it down then do it. This will be FUN.

I thought of this earlier this week when several people asked me what my New Year’s resolution was going to be and I didn’t feel excited. I felt grossed out by this question.

Then this morning I saw on this on  news: a goal tree. I LOVE it and it completely coincides with my New Year’s plan!

I don’t want to keep it in my apartment but I love it. It’s more of a party idea. You may recognize these because a lot of people use these as a “Wedding Wish” tree on the guest book table or at a shower. BUT if you are hosting a NYE party tomorrow, this could be fun for your guests. They look something like this:

Off the top of my head I can think of a few things that will be on my list but I feel like I need to really sit down and think, think, think. Here are some of my New Year’s goals.

1.  Master a semi-complicated Yoga inversion  (or at least make significant progress toward one).

2.  Finish that half-marathon (I know this was already sort of on my list)

3.  Have a picnic, with a basket and all

4.  Run on a trail, not the road

5.  Go to the San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park (I haven’t been since I was a kid)

6.  Take a surfing lesson

7.  Find a one piece that doesn’t look hideous on me (this is SO hard with my short little legs)

8.  See more movies in the theater.

9. Write more.

10. Golf on an 18-hole course (I’ve only done a 9-hole)


3 thoughts on “Resolutions are for babies

    • Hahaha I don’t NEED one, per se. I just like them. I like the vintage, 50s-style one pieces. I think they are SO cute. They look terrible on me. For the last two summers I’ve been on the search for a cute one that doesn’t make me look like crap. 😉

  1. Those are really good goals! I am always available to assist you with #8! Xxxo 🙂

    ps That yoga girl in the picture is scaring me. That’s just not right.

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