Happy hangover everyone!

There’s nothing like a day at work to cure a hangover.

My head failed to stop pounding as I worked today.   All  day I wished I could wear my sunglasses inside without looking like a creep.

It could be worse. I could have a job I vehemently hate. Thank God I don’t.

I got to visit babies today and for that two hours my headache was quieted by my much louder, and more annoying, biological clock.

That clock likes to scream at me when I am in the presence of babies, especially newborns. I like to tell it to shut the hell up.

Anyway, that’s an entirely different topic. Back to ringing in the New Year.

My New Year’s Eve went something like this:

A huge albino fro accompanied me to a NYE party thrown by friends of mine.

Please note my creepy fro ——>

Hot. Mama.

I didn’t have a  ride to this event because I lag and missed my carpool so I asked mom and dad to please pick me up and drop me off at my party. You heard me. I said mom and dad.

I was immediately transported to my teenage years as I stepped out of the Jeep and both parents were waving goodbye and telling me to have fun at my party. The best part was my mom asking me if they should wait until I “made it inside OK”.  Always looking out.

I’m not going to lie, a bit of nostalgia washed over me in that moment.

I almost wished I had a sluttier, more inappropriate outfit stuffed in my purse that I would change into after they drove away. Now, that would have really been accurate. A true tribute to the days of dancing at Kokomos in any type of shirt that showed my stomach. Don’t judge me.

Now on to the party.

Dancing, dancing, dancing.

Tiny wieners wrapped in pastry, pizza bites, fried Mac n’ Cheese.

Jello shots, champagne, jello shots.

Dancing, dancing, dancing.

Whining about my feet.

Piggy back ride from my husband home.

Zero recollection of how I got into bed.

Wake up multiple times throughout the night with night sweats and feeling like there is a cup of sand in my mouth.

Alarm goes off.

Mother F-er.

I can’t wait to get home and be lazy so that it truly feels like New Year’s Day.

Note to self: Maybe next year don’t sign up for the New Year’s Day shift.


One thought on “Happy hangover everyone!

  1. I think this is my favorite blog of yours yet, Betties! LOVE the parent drop-off!! Not to mention the fro being one of my all-time favorite looks on you. Happy New Year!!! Xxxo 🙂

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