Fitness newbies

I am going to try to write this post and not sound like a complete snob because I’m really not.

I think it’s fantastic that when the new year starts people all over the county/state/nation/world commit themselves to living a healthier lifestyle. I honestly believe it makes the world a better place. It’s a fact that people who exercise are just happier. It’s science.

And I am not so cocky to be judgmental about newbies in classes. At one time or another, all of us have been new at SOMETHING. We didn’t come out of the womb running or in an up dog. I get it. It’s always a little apprehensive when you are new to a class or a sport. It can be awkward and you can feel out of place. That is completely normal. Remember, nobody is a master at anything. There is always room to learn and grow even if you are really great at what you do.

I welcome trying new things myself and I welcome new people to the classes that I love.

Unless … you’re that new person who is just an ass. 

My yoga classes for the last two weeks have been utterly packed, which is great.  It was to the point where literally during my Warrior 3 I had my face in another dude’s armpit. No joke. I could smell his cologne and I kept praying he didn’t fall out of his pose because that would most definitely mean an elbow right into my nose. But, honestly, I was fine with it.

I am fine with it until people do stupid things.

If you’re going to start something new this year, like yoga, here are some tips so you don’t piss off all the people who’ve been regularly taking the class for months or years. (These apply specifically to yoga just because of my recent experience but can actually apply to any class).

Even as I write this I know that this isn’t very yoga-like of me but… well… I just can’t help it. I’m working on my “inner peace” thing and though I’ve made progress, I’ve got a long way to go.

1. Shut up. Don’t talk during class, just don’t. It is the time for meditation not chatting about your day.

2. Turn off your cell phone. Better yet, leave it in the car. There is NO excuse for your phone going off during Shavasana. It’s just rude and disruptive. People go to yoga to escape from the world for a couple of hours not to be reminded of it in the middle of meditation. And while you’re at it, apply this rule to when you’re at the movies, in church, or at a play, thanks.

3. Be punctual. Being late is disruptive and disrespectful. Learn to not be late.

4. Don’t smell.  It’s sweaty and smelly enough without BO added to the mix.  And let me be clear that smelling does not just apply to BO, which is gross but let’s be real, it happens. It also applies to perfume and cologne. Don’t wear it to go work out, just don’t. When you sweat, that mixes with your Cool Water cologne and creates a gag-worthy stench. And while I’m on this tangent… who still wears Cool Water and why can I identify that scent? I’m embarrassed.

5. Know your limits. Don’t attempt a pose you’ve never done if you are inexperienced and unsure of the correct way to do it. Not only will you hurt yourself but in tight quarters, you will likely crash into the person next to you. I am not saying don’t try new things just know what your body can do and go from there.

I’m sure all types of activities have their own “rules” or code of ethics. Before starting something new it might be a good idea to simply find out what they are. And it may even make you feel more confident in your first class!

Happy sweating!


3 thoughts on “Fitness newbies

  1. Good tips – however (I’m old there’s always a “however”) If I join a class like that (not that I would, with all of you skinny georgeous people, but I would try every pose even if I didn’t look good doing it.

    • Hahaha! You should do yoga with me, you’d love it! Well it’s not about “looking good” it’s about not doing something that’s going to hurt you or someone around you. If it’s your very first class don’t do moves that are way beyond your skill level. There are always intro-level alternatives. In most cases, I do the intro-level stuff. You have to build up to the harder stuff.

  2. I thought of this post in yoga today. Here’s what I think. I don’t think any talking should be allowed in a yoga studio except for the teacher. Seriously. Even in the lobby I get a little bit annoyed. Just like you said…. shut. up. NAMASTE!!! Xxxo 🙂

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