BarWorks … ouch

Yesterday I had a day off so in keeping with my “try something new once a month” vow I decided to take BarWorks at my yoga studio.

Today it hurts to sit, stand, sleep, eat and think.  I love it!

I went for a run just to make it hurt less (which sounds counter-intuitive but I had been sidelined from running for more than a week by the doctor so I HAD to run today)

I have to say I was a little misled  by the class description. It said it was a take on dance classes so here I am thinking this is like ballet class minus the across the floor work.  I was expecting  lot of isolations, plies, balancing and butt work.

Well this was like no dance class I had ever been to.

It actually had ZERO to do with dance.  The leg positions were all wrong, the form was all wrong and most of the time our feet were flexed, which is so NOT like a ballerina.

I actually started to feel really confused on why they even called it BarWorks. Of all my years of dance experience, I don’t think I have ever done even one of the moves in this class.

There were a lot of  “never dones” in this class.

I have never held a push up position without a break for so long in my life. I have also never done so many yoga push ups (elbows in and tight at your sides)  without a break in my life.

I have also never had to squeeze a ball in between my thighs for so long. Everything we did we had this small plastic ball between our legs. It was awkward but it definitely engaged the core and leg muscles.

Once I got over the fact that this wasn’t going to be like a dance class, I started to enjoy it.

This class was NUT-SO!

My muscles were literally giving up halfway through the class, which is a good thing I guess.

At one point I just sat on my mat and started laughing out of pure exhaustion because I physically could not complete one of the sequences.  I actually yelled out loud:  “I thought this was a level one class! Level one!”.  I realize this is embarrassing.

I highly recommend it and am guessing this is what the cardio barre craze is all about.  Although, from what I’ve heard about those classes they actually do sound dance-inspired.

This is a nice mix-in for my days at the studio and I’m glad they offer it. And even though it wasn’t what I thought it would be, who the heck cares I got a GREAT workout!


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