We did it! We did it!

After 12 weeks of preparation,  Raven and I finished our half-marathon in Huntington Beach today and it was awesome. I can’t walk now, but it’s awesome.

The final days before the race were all kinds of fun. We screamed in the car on the way to the Expo, got free snacks, bought runner paraphernalia, and ate carbohydrates until we couldn’t move.

The night before was less fun. I didn’t really want to eat so I woke up starving the day of the race. I couldn’t really sleep so I decided to shampoo my car mats at 10 p.m. – that was super smart and completely normal.

I don’t think I have ever been more nervous in my life for ANYTHING. Not even jumping out of  a plane.

The race went like this:

Start: Feeling good, moving slow, getting passed by walkers twice my age and twice my size. Raven left me in the dust – she’s fast and amazing!

Mile 3: For some reason a woman who is apparently on her first half can’t read. She keeps announcing rather loudly the miles we are at. That’s all well and good … unless you’re wrong. She yelled, “Wow, those first three miles were really easy.” Um… we’re at mile 1.5. Followed by “Those first five weren’t bad.”  OH MY GOD lady stop getting my hopes up! We’re at mile THREE! Anyway, I ended up running faster just to get away from her madness.

Mile 5: Working it out – I hit a good pace here and started to crank it up a bit.

Mile 8:  Holy hell what did I get myself into? That nice little overuse injury I had several weeks ago started screaming at me to get me to stop.  Pain, pain, and more pain. That’s all I remember from miles 8-10. Then some random dude running yelled, “Pain is temporary!” Sounds cheesy, but that totally helped.

Mile 11: Two more to go and I pick up the pace. I think to myself, “this is insane, I’m going to finish” and all of a sudden I get extremely happy.

Mile 13: The crowd is screaming, my legs are shaking. I look to my right and see my husband and two good friends cheering me on.

Annnnnd…. DONE!

I wrapped myself with one of those foil-looking thingies just because I could. I’ve seen it done on TV but still have no idea what they’re really meant for but I do know it made me feel like a legit runner, so that was good.

What an amazing experience. I barely have any sarcasm to enter into this post because I am just soooooo happy!See picture to illustrate said happiness. ———->

Our times:

Raven: 2:21

Me: 2:35



5 thoughts on “13.what?

  1. Oh my gosh…. I love this blog so much I want to cry. Definitely my favorite blog entry of yours. I am so proud of you. You are a rockstar. And if you are crippled because of this, I will happily push your wheelchair. And I think everything you do is super smart and completely normal!!! 😉 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Xxxo 🙂

  2. Wow look at you Jaime, so proud of you. So I bet now you are addited to marathons. Such a personal feat. My brother Timmy started running after my brother pat passed away, and he’s still running. Timmy started at 40years old and now at 56 we are still attending his many marathons. When you are ready you have to do big sur…..difficult but beautiful. We will make sure your parents get there for that, I love marathons……I mean jumping at the finish line for the runner and then the PARTY begins. So congrats, keep runnin girl! Love, Erin xo Bertoni

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