It’s all in the privates

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Private lessons. LESSONS.

Tonight I had my private yoga lesson, which was a Christmas present from my brother-in-law Matt for Christmas.(Thanks, Matt!)

Um… I’m on a TOTAL yoga high right now.

First off,  I decided to preface my private with an hour and a half blend class. I sweated my butt off and loved it.

Then it was time for some fun.

I swear, I was upside down for MOST of this class.

Heaven. Pure heaven.

According to my yoga teacher, Shay, being upside down has these benefits: aids digestion, helps circulation, relieves stress, and helps promote better brain function, among a whole bunch of other stuff.

I learned this:

And this:

This may have been my favorite:

And a bunch of other things. My muscles are SO tired right now. I love it.

Granted, most of these I did with the help of a wall or Shay offering to balance me out.  And I’m pretty sure at least 80 percent of the time I looked like this:

Either way, I’m STOKED and I have SO much to work on. If you’re in to yoga and want to advance your practice, I highly recommend taking a private to have someone actually walk you through all the moves you want to master.



5 thoughts on “It’s all in the privates

  1. Holy crap did you really get into those poses??? That’s insane. Go you.
    I went to BodyPump yesterday after 3 weeks off weights and I can barely stand and sit now. Worth it? Totally if my butt is perky by Friday 🙂

    • I did! It was very cool although today I’m definitely feeling it in the shoulders.

      Barely sitting and standing is good! Your butt looked perky today at work, just saying… 😉

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