One week in

Almost one week in and my Lenten promise is going strong.

I have forfeited being what my husband likes to call a  “stop and dropper”.

And for some reason when he calls me this all I can hear is DMX singing, “Stop. Drop. Hold em’ down open shop. Oh… No… that’s how Ruff Riders rooooooll.”

Every. Time.

Anyway, a “stop and drop” is when I walk in the apartment, stop, take off one article of clothing or put down something I may be carrying and  simply leave it there.

Never putting it away, never picking it back up again until I go through and do a full pick up of our apartment, which is about once or twice a week.

Just to be clear our apartment does NOT look like this. ———->

I’m not completely disgusting.

You may find a sweatshirt draped over the couch, running shoes near the foot of my bed and a yoga mat propped up against the entry way wall. Slippers in front of, and sometime underneath, the couch, 17 hair ties on my bed side table and a month’s worth of fitness magazines and catalogs stacked up on the coffee table.

I also  do this with newly-purchased items.  For example,  I’ll go to CVS and instead of putting the items I purchased in their proper place when I get home, I leave the bag on the counter and pull the products out as-needed.

Although, the newly-purchased portion of my habit does not apply to clothes. Those are out of the bags, admired, put on hangers, admired some more and hung color-coded in my closet. (Yep, my closet is color-coded but I can’t put away my damn slippers.)

Now that I actually type this out and describe this habit, I realize how absolutely ridiculous it is.

I have no idea why I do this or where it came from but stopping it is a HUGE challenge for me. Nobody in my family is this way.

My parents tried really hard to cure me of this. It didn’t work.

Their method went like this:

– Telling me to clean my room 23 times.

– Me refusing.

– Coming home after school to an immaculate room.

– A giant black trash bag in the center of my room.

– I get 24 hours to empty the contents of said trash bag.

– Whatever is left at the end of that 24-hour period is gone. Forever.

I lost many a favorite stuffed animal to this cleanup method my parents so authoritatively bestowed on me as a child.

OK… as a teenager.

Damn it …. OK, OK,  it happened as an adult too but in my defense it only happened like once after age 19.

Anyway, this is a good challenge for me and hopefully I will be cured once and for all of  my stop and drop habit.

Boom! Look who’s organized now


4 thoughts on “One week in

  1. Well we tried! I have to admit I am that way about my closet – until my husband went in there and hung up my clothes that were drapped over my stepstool or on hooks and put away all of the shoes in the middle of the walkway and put them in their place. Quite humbling experience – I have been hanging up/or putting my clothes in the “to be washed” canister ever since. Whatever it takes!

    Keep it up…..

  2. Get a puppy!!!!, I promise it will only take one pair of your expensive shoes”…turned into a play toy, and you will be cured!!! You will never leave anything on the floor ever again xo

  3. This is a FANTASTIC Lenten promise!!! You’ve been to my apartment, so you know I COMPLETELY relate!! Our countertop is a collector of my whatever. Good luck with this! Looking forward to hearing how it turns out!! Xxxo 🙂

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