Detox debate

Finally … a detox article that I can agree.

Thank you, Women’s Health!

Even though I am no nutritionist, I knew deep down that it could not be good to guzzle lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup as a means to “clean” your system. It seemed counter-intuitive to me.

Depriving your body of anything resembling nutrition to get healthy … how does that work?

Although there are people I know that swear by liquid cleanses a couple times a year, I’m just not into it. No judgement. It’s just not my thing.

I do believe in eating clean even if I’m not always great about doing so.

It is a fact that your body NEEDS a certain number of calories to function. It’s just science. We all need to eat.  An average woman needs at LEAST 1,200 calories a day. More if you’re active. Go below that and you are in starvation mode and your body starts feeding off muscle, which is a big no-no.  Muscle tissue is what revs our metabolism and helps us lose weight. We want to keep that.

I realize there are a million and three different theories about what we should be eating, what our bodies need or don’t need, and what food groups should be cut out or included in our diets.

I don’t believe that one theory can work for everybody. I also have always been firm believer that anything that is too restrictive cannot be good for any kind of long-term success. I’m sure there are exceptions and people who can prove me wrong, though.

I just happen to find this article interesting and most of all, logical.

Here are some tidbits I pulled out that I found helpful. I’ve heard many of these things before or learned about it in school but it just really reiterates the notion that deprivation does not translate to diet success.

Our bodies are natural detox centers.

That is why we have a liver, kidneys, and a digestive system. But, you fill your body with fast food, soda, and sweets and your insides are going to freak out.Things start moving slower and functioning less efficiently.

I can feel it when I eat bad. I’m lethargic and cranky. Sometimes I get a headache or I just feel heavy. When I eat REALLY bad like I did this weekend, I start to really crave natural foods like vegetables.

Here’s what WH recommends for a natural detox: cut out all added sugars, saturated fats, and alcohol.

That’s it.

Not that this is easy but it’s not hell on earth either.

This will reset your system and get it running smoothly again, according to WH. I did a similar “detox” several years ago that also had me cut all grains but I was able to eat other starches, such as potatoes. That detox worked wonders for me and I really felt I was going about it in a healthy way.

This meal plan includes some grains but not an excessive amount (although I’d probably leave out the whole wheat toast which can totally be a chemical-filled sugar trap). Other than that the plan is totally doable and healthy. I’m sure for some people it may not work but to me it sounded like a fairly balanced approach to eating clean.

Happy detoxing!


One thought on “Detox debate

  1. This is great information!! I’m totally right on your page about liquid cleanses, too. Years and years ago I actually tried the lemon/cayenne/honey water fast. About 3 days in, Matt and a friend had to have an intervention and tell me if I didn’t eat they would shove food down my throat because I was going crazy. No bueno 🙂 We call it the “divorce diet” now.

    Anyway, this is awesome…. happy detoxing to you, too!! Xxxo 🙂

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