Leap to it

Every time this day rolls around I think to myself, “Why the hell do we have a leap year?”

I knew it has something to do with the earth’s rotation and something with the sun blah, blah, blah.

The full explanation is really mathy and sciency, which are both not real words.

Here’s a simple explanation on how they calculate it:

The earth rotates a little less than 365.25 times to orbit around the sun.  It’s the .25 that really screws us up and gets us all confused.

Maybe some of you aren’t confused by this at all. Good for you.

Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable  says it like this: A leap year is any year whose date is exactly divisible by 4 except those which are divisible by 100 but not 400.

We are left having to catch up about every four years to get our calendars back on track.

If we didn’t incorporate a Leap Day, we’d lose about six hours every year.

Whether you care about the science or not, care about this: we get an EXTRA day in our lives this year. Go us! We deserve it!

Take advantage of that and do at least one thing you always complain you never have time for. Make the time with this “extra” 24 hours.

For me that will be reading a book while taking a bath.  Such a rarity in my life these days.

So go ahead, leap to it!


3 thoughts on “Leap to it

  1. Ok I should have had a nap for Leap Year day. Not “tombs” – “to be”. Time for bed!

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