You’re singing the wrong words

So the other night my husband and I were watching old episodes of 30Rock and Tina Fey mentioned something about a “Top Gun high five” that made both of us laugh really hard and made me vow to use that term sometime in the near future. It will be reserved for when something super awesome happens.

"I feel the need ... the need for speed."

The high-five conversation turned into a conversation about the volleyball scene, which led to me looking up the song “Playing with the Boys” by Kenny Loggins. That, in turn, made me find a song that I swore had my name in it.

Call me narcissistic but for years I was positive the song “Mighty Wings” by Cheap Trick said: “When I met you, Jaimee. On your mighty wings.”

So that, of course, became the song I obsessed over on that soundtrack and the one I danced around in my room to the most. Although “Danger Zone” and “Playing with the Boys” were also contenders for a bedroom dance routine.

I made my husband listen to it. He too heard what I had heard all along so I knew I wasn’t crazy.

What the song actually says is: “When I make you, take me on your might wings.”

I was laughing so hard it made me remember all the songs I used to drastically screw up the lyrics to.

I used to think Paul Young’s  “Everytime You Go Away” went like this: “Every time you go away. You take a piece of meat with you.”

You know, just in case you got hungry later.

I was sure that Breathe’s “Hands to Heaven” sang:  “Tonight I need your sweet grass. Hold me in the darkness. Tonight I’ll sleep on grass like that.”

I liked being outdoors. Sleeping on grass was fun. To this day, I like the smell of grass. Especially sweet grass.

For those of you who are like me and had no idea what they’re saying: They talk of a sweet caress followed by “tonight you calm my restlessness”. I actually did not know that second part until just now.

And of course, one of my besties Katie and I were absolutely positive that the Christmas carol “Angels We Have Heard On High” was talking about egg shells at some point. As in, in egg shells sis deo.

You give Latin to 8-year-olds and they’re guaranteed to come up with their own lyrics.

For me, Dan Seals wasn’t singing, “I’m not talking ’bout moving in, and I don’t want to change your mind.” He was “talking ’bout the living”. And although I didn’t what that meant I was pretty sure I wanted to be a part of this “living” when I grew up.

Don’t even get me started on all the Michael Jackson lyrics I butchered growing up.

I knew I couldn’t be alone in my lyric mishaps so I Googled it to see what some of the most commonly messed up lyrics are and was extremely disappointed.

Every single one that was listed I never had confusion about.

The top one that I could find was Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”. People apparently think he sings “Excuse me, while I kiss this guy”. I was never confused on that one for some reason.

One woman said her children used to sing Flashdance’s theme song, “What a Feeling” as “Take your pants off and make it happen.”  This one made me laugh.  I hope my kids are that funny.

So I want to know from you … what are the lyrics you most commonly messed up as a kid or an adult?

Let’s make a list and laugh at each other!


3 thoughts on “You’re singing the wrong words

  1. There’s a song that comes on in elevators sometimes and I swear it says, ‘I like tacos…’ Also my friend’s dad thought ‘Hey Jude’ was actually ‘Hey Jew’ for years 🙂

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! “You know, just in case you got hungry later.” Classic.

    I, for one, mess up 99% of the songs that I sing because I’m just not very receptive to lyrics in general, so I’ll have to think of what my favorites are and return back.

    One that stands out right off the bat is from “Crush” by Dave Matthews Band. This isn’t so much funny, but “Crush” is my all-time favorite song by any artist, so I should probably know the words, right? When he sings “just knowing that the world is round, and here I’m dancing on the ground”…. I always thought it was “just knowing that the world is round, and here I’m dancing all around.” Matt corrected me one day when I was belting it and it really upset me. I know it doesn’t seem like that big of a difference, but it completely changed the meaning for me.

    I’ll rack my brain for some ridiculous ones. I have plenty! Great post!! Xxxo 🙂

  3. hahahahaha. NEVER have I been more convinced that those were the words to that song!

    I couldn’t like this post more. I cringe at the thought of the thousands of lyrics I must have messed up over the years!

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