Happy spring!

Today marks the first day of Spring… yay!

Spring means fresh starts, bright colors and it also means summer is just a few short months away! I love me some summertime.

But here are a few of my favorite things about Spring or what I’m loving this season.

All things green! If you know me, you know I love, love, LOVE the color green. That said, I die for this Cole Haan purse.

Flowy, girly clothing. The weather is slowly starting to warm and it’s  time to pack up those bulky sweaters and start working in some lightweight clothing as we prep for summer.  I love all these looks. I especially love that Marc Jacobs lace tank!

Daylight savings time! Our days are longer and I love it. I can run outside after work now  if I want. I don’t really care to run at night.  For some reason it really freaks me out.  I love being able to come home while it’s still light outside – don’t you just feel like you can get so much more done in a day? It makes me feel energized!

Strawberries! My favorite fruit. Another thing I love about spring. The peak season for growing strawberries is April through June. Can’t wait to stock up!

Flowfies. Things start to get all a-bloom this time of year. Every year, I say I’m going to take one springtime hike because it just gets too darn hot in the summer. Let’s see if I actually make myself do it this year. I love me some tulips this time of year. Don’t they just scream spring?


What do you love about spring?




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