Pom delicious

I’ve always loved pomegranate seeds but HATE pomegranates.

They’re awkward and the seeds go flying everywhere and stain everything. It’s a mess.

I’m messy enough on my own without having bright red juicy pods with impressive trajectory shooting all over my clothes, my couch or my carpet.

Enter Trader Joe’s.

Pre-rinsed and pristinely packaged pomegranate seeds have been my most FAVE springtime snack this season.

Tart and juicy they really do hit the spot and they’re good for you to boot.

Here are just some of the benefits of these tiny little seeds.

1. They’re packed with antioxidants: These are the things that help us stay looking young so we should be shoveling as much of these in to our mouths as possible.  While many of our face creams and such have antioxidants in them, it’s always wise to get a good dose internally.

2. A good source of vitamins: B-6, C, iron and folates are just some of the vitamins found in these little seeds.

3. Lower blood pressure: Some studies have shown the juice from these seeds can lower blood pressure, making for a very heart-healthy snack.

Happy snacking!


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