Fancy pants

I am definitely not fancy pants although sometimes I wish I were and maybe someday I will be.

Recently I super-glued my shoes because I didn’t want to buy new ones. That really happened and guess what? They are good as new! I no longer trip over the floppy sole that used to catch on everything as I walked.

I also have a pair of jeans that the zipper  broke and instead of retiring them, I use a hair band through the button-hole to hold them together. This works well too, you just have to wear a long flowy top.

Now that I think about this, does this make me crafty? Mmm.. not so much.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like nice things because I do.  I dog-ear Nordstrom catalogues and drool after all the things I  imagine will one day fill my closet. And every once in a while one of those things actually makes it in to my closet. That is a good day for me on a completely superficial level.

Although this is not made for the closet, it is a new fancy pants obsession that I had to share.

M. Carlesimo candles.

Holy hell. These smell AMAZING!

Usually, these candles are $45 a piece. I mean, ridiculous – who spends $45 on ONE candle?

I don’t.  But I’ll totally spend $25 for two.

The Today Show has this segment called Steals and Deals. It’s once a week and you don’t have to watch the show you can just find it online at The segment sometimes changes days so you may have to check back frequently.  You can also follow Today on Facebook, which will alert you to any new deals. I’m telling you there has been some GOOD stuff.

Well, these candles were featured so I snatched them up.  They’re 100 percent soy and supposedly burn slow. I also love the letter seal detail. I find them so pretty I haven’t lit them yet. I just open the box, smell them and feel happy with my purchase.

So check out the Steals and Deals. Sometimes they have jewelry, clothes, shoes, skin care products or makeup. The savings is crazy and I’m a frequent fan!

Happy savings!


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