Slow and steady

When training for my first half marathon I would tell my husband: “Slow and steady wins the race” as I tried to maintain a steady jog on somewhat lengthy runs.

To which he would reply: “Um… no it doesn’t. Fast. Fast wins races.”

He was right.

Slow and stead wins jack.

Slow and steady finishes in 6398th place.

But hey, I finished.

The OC Half Marathon was hard for me.  Much harder than Huntington Beach.

I was told the course was mostly flat with one, maybe two, significant hills. Liars! The whole damn thing was hills.

I mean,  I struggled but there is still nothing that can replace the high that comes with crossing that finish line, no matter how slowly. It’s the greatest feeling!

My friend Raven finished about 20 minutes before me at 2:20 and she only had one good leg. ONE. She’s an athlete for sure. She raced with a torn IT Band and torn cartilage in her knee. Hard core!  I mean the girl was literally hopping across the finish line and she was still way faster than me.  She’s amazing!

My husband finished in 2:06 and I was a proud wifey. That is a great first time and was so glad he did this with me!

And our crazy pants friend Bryan who is apparently part Kenyan finished his very first half marathon in 1:51 and didn’t even seem tired afterward.

Now I look forward to getting faster since I embarrassingly had to make all my friends wait a very long time at the finish line for me.

Did I mention us racers have the greatest friends? There’s nothing like seeing a cheering section right before the finish line (Thanks Angela, Chris, Jen, Grady, Garrett, Selena and Stephanie!) It meant a  lot to us to have you guys there!

So… race season is over for us but we’ll pick it back up in the fall and until then, Happy Running!


3 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. Slow and steady FINISHES the race…. that’s a win to me!! Congratulations on yet another huge accomplishment!! You ROCK!!! Xxxo 🙂

  2. You still kick ass babe!! You inspired me to run this damn thing when I had no business doing it, and I’ll always be grateful for that. I love you!

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