Raising the bar

Meal replacement bars, protein bars and granola bars sound like a good idea when you’re on the go,  right?

Wrong, so wrong.  In many cases they are candy in disguise, which I never really took a good look at until today.

Many of these bars boast being protein-packed and all-natural – both of which are great. BUT have you ever looked at the label on some of these things?

Holy hell!  15 grams of sugar – what?!

I would much rather eat a Snickers bar.

Granted a Snickers bar packs more sugar but they taste SO much better and if I’m going to consume about the same calories and that much sugar anyway, bring on the sinful stuff.

So while at Mother’s Market yesterday looking for something I could throw in my bag to snack on (along with almonds and some fruit) I was shocked at how crappy most of those bars are.

I was looking for something to replace dinner in this marathon meeting.

“Technically” there’s no food allowed so I needed something I could break off and sneak into my mouth because I just can’t go that long without eating and there’s no busting out a tupperware and chomping on chicken salad in these meetings.

Obviously nothing actually replaces a healthy meal but sometimes that’s just not feasible. 

So protein bars do have their place. Like the place I was in last night – a very, very long meeting with no break.

I found these little gems.

They don’t taste like Snickers but they’re much more guilt free and pack 20 grams of protein.

There is 0 grams of sugar. ZERO.

Instead, they use cacao for sweetness and each bar has about 230 calories, enough to get you through to the next meal.

Just thought I’d pass along this new find. Well … new to me anyway.

I’m sure  there are other good bars out there but Mother’s literally has a wall of protein bars. An entire wall. I didn’t read every label.

Happy snacking!


2 thoughts on “Raising the bar

  1. Lara bars are really good too, all natural, only good nuts (no peanuts), no artificial sweeteners, allowed on a paleo program, aka the “caveman diet”, a lot of crossfitters follow it

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