Succ it

My husband told me we shouldn’t have children until a few things get cleared up.

One of those things being my ability to keep living things well … alive.

I am not allowed to have a kid until I have a dog. If that dog thrives and is happy that means babies.

I can’t have a dog until I can keep a plant alive.

And in the five years we’ve been together I have yet to be able to keep a plant alive … until now.

Enter succulents!

These are the best, BEST plants for the horticulturally-challenged, like myself. You literally have to TRY to kill these things. They barely need any water and they don’t need super specific lighting requirements.

You throw them in a pot and remember to water them once in a while and it’s all good.

Plus, it just so happens that succulents are very vogue in the outdoor decor world right now.  I love the little pops of color from the two smaller ones.

This arrangement I made cost about $15 and took all of five minutes to make. I put it in some potting soil and crammed them in. So far… still living. Go me!

Dogs and babies here I come! Well … we can wait awhile.


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