Pork made easy

When I was a little kid, there was always one meal that reminded me of long summer days and a break from school: my dad’s mushroom pork chops.

For anyone who didn’t grow up in the Fletcher family this may not seem the typical hot-weather fare but this is what I remember summer tasting like.

Recently, my parents had my husband and I over and my dad made this dish complete with the same sides we used to eat when I was little: applesauce for dipping and artichoke with mayo. Yum!

I always thought it must be so difficult to make such a decadent-tasting dish. I was wrong. It is SO easy and SO good.

Here’s what he does:

– Take pork chops and braise them in a pan to seal in the juices.

– Put them in a slow cooker and dump Campbell’s cream of mushroom sauce until the chops are covered.

– Let it simmer until the chops are tender. My dad does it by texture and feel but if that makes you nervous, use a meat thermometer. Pork  is safe to eat at 145 degrees but the most common temperature is 160 degrees.

That’s it.

Done and done.

As the pork cooks and releases its juices, it thins the mushroom soup and also adds a meaty flavor, making for a super delish sauce.


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