Allergic to what now?

Many health magazines and self-proclaimed health food gurus think they know your body.

They may tell you to lay off gluten or forgo the red meat. Maybe skipping dairy or eating only organic will be the way some suggest you go.  Paleo this or low-glycemic that are other popular eating trends.

While many of these healthy suggestions are likely to turn out a healthy diet and, you’d assume, a healthy person, that is not always the case.

Truth be told, nobody REALLY knows your body if they’re guessing. Not even you.

We all have an innate knowledge of what goes on inside – fruits make me feel like dancing while cupcakes make me feel like napping.  The lesson: eat fewer cupcakes.

In many cases, a professional dietician, health coach, doctor or nutritionist can map out a healthy eating plan that works wonders for you. People who have studied the subject and know their stuff should definitely be sought out if you’re looking to get healthy.

But, if you’re like me and you eat healthy 80 percent of the time and have been to several doctors but still can’t figure your shit out, there could be something else going on.

I just kept getting sick, feeling sick and looking like I was six months pregnant.  They first thought IBS, then possibly a thyroid condition but nothing panned out.

Thinking I just wasn’t eating “healthy enough” I started counting calories, which I absolutely loathe. That only lasted about five days. Food is not fun if you have to count every morsel!

So FINALLY … at the suggestion of a friend I sought out an allergist.

Dr. Sugar.

Cute name, right?

I loved him. He tested me for more than 100 allergies and what do you know I reacted to strawberries, bananas, tomatoes and walnuts.  Who would’ve thought? I eat these foods every day! He also discovered that cheese and milk are SO not my friend.

I am still in the testing phases of this whole thing and have another week to go before I go back and report how I’m feeling but so far, so good! Not every reaction means I can never eat it but we’re honing in on what is likely the cause of me feeling so crappy for so long.

It’s totally amazing.


One thought on “Allergic to what now?

  1. I didn’t know his name was Dr. Sugar!! I love it!! Looking forward to hearing new developments… glad you found some answers! Xxxo 🙂

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