Fish oil flop

It’s been all over the news but I just had to chime in on this new study that concludes those fish oil pills that so many people tout as being a good way to stave off heart disease and possibly prevent stroke don’t actually have any of those promised benefits.

The study came from a bunch of Greek researchers who published their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association – so I take it to be legit. The report has gained much attention from media and health gurus alike so here’s my take on it:

Vitamin pills and supplements, in general, are crap.

My astute, very intelligent, and not to mention eloquent, conclusion was further confirmed by recent trips to the doc.

Unless it has been confirmed by a blood test or medical professional most people between the ages of 5 and 55 don’t really need to take any supplements.

The best place to get all the nutrients you need is from your diet.  Period. You want the benefits of Omega 3’s (because despite what this study says there are other benefits)? Eat more fish. You want to pump up your iron? Make like Popeye and start devouring spinach.

On a recent trip to my allergist I asked about supplements and what I should be taking because even though I don’t take anything, I wanted to hear if a doctor thought I should be.

His answer: None.

He acknowledged that different doctors have different theories and some may be huge advocates for supplements but he swears by getting everything you need naturally.

Of course, our bodies are sneaky little things and there are always exceptions to any health rule.

If you are deficient in a necessary nutrient, you many need to supplement. If your body can’t process/absorb a necessary nutrient, you may need a supplement. If you’re fighting a cold or the flu, a little extra boost of zinc or Vitamin C definitely won’t hurt. And certainly as our bodies age and change we may need a little extra help.

But the problem is most people self-diagnose and think they need this multivitamin or that supplement when, in reality, they probably don’t.

All I’m screaming is before you start taking eight vitamins a day, figure out what your body really needs.


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