Short on time

It has been (and still is) a crazy, crazy week.

My workout schedule was rudely interrupted and man am I feeling it. Some skipped “me time” was for social reasons and in other cases, work got in the way.

I’m tired. I’m cranky. And all I want to eat is chocolate.

In some cases, especially if you’ve been training hard, a break is well-deserved and much-needed.

In others, skipping too many sweat sessions just makes you feel  lethargic. And for me, the more days that go by without physical activity, the easier it seems to continue passing on exercising.

Am I right?

And before you know it, bam! You’re in a rut.

The thing is , there is ALWAYS time for a workout, even a quick one. Doing something for 10 minutes is better than nothing.

So with that, here’s a list of suggestions that I need to remind myself of so I don’t have another week like this one.

60 minutes: Take a class. Gym classes are always a fun and easy way to torch calories.

45 minutes: This is enough time to get in a cardio session and a strength training session. Go 30 for cardio and a quick 15 minutes with weights.

30 minutes: Go for a run or a walk. This is the minimum number of minutes suggested for good heart health. Everyone should strive for 30 minutes of physical activity 5-6 days a week.

15 minutes: Get crazy with high-intensity intervals. Do one minute of each of these three times and I swear you’ll feel like you worked out for an hour: jumping jacks, burpees, pushups, squat jumps and mountain climbers.

10 minutes: Sprints. These are great because you can do them anywhere there is a sidewalk. Warm up with an easy-to-moderate jog for five minutes then spend the last five minutes doing all-out sprints. Push yourself so by the last one your legs feel as if you can barely finish.

5 minutes: Find some stairs and go at it. Up and down and up and down until that five minutes is up.


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