Sickly workout

There’s definitely something going around.

I got hit with it, my husband got it worse and it seems almost everyone I talk to either has been sick or  has a family member who was sick recently.

The upside of getting sick: Gatorade, sleepy time and marathons of girly movies or Sons of Anarchy.

The minuses: Too many to count.

Being sick sucks.

And one of the things I hate most about being sick is staying cooped up inside all day. I feel like I get fatter by the minute and I just feel smelly and gross.

So today, I was back at work and feeling better but maybe not quite good enough to go full-fledged into a crazy workout.

So what can you do when  you’re still a little under the weather but feeling good enough to get moving?

Fit Sugar has these suggestions but to be honest, only two sounded good to me – a walk or yoga.  Maybe the others will work for you.

Best Workouts to Do When You’re Sick

Lift weights


Water running/aerobics

Passive cycling

Brisk walking

Now, you shouldn’t exercise if you are full-out sick because you could get worse – no bueno.  This is for people who are on the mend and feeling like they need to get moving. If you’re achy, running fever or are so congested simply breathing is hard, stay in bed!


One thought on “Sickly workout

  1. Hey just stumbled upon your blog. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. I was sick for a good 2 weeks a month ago. Nothing so bad I couldn’t keep training but enough that it was a thorn in the side for sure. Good advice!

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