Sweet potato update

My brother is the ultimate judge of Mom’s Sweet Potatoes.

He could not care less about the turkey – just those sweet potatoes.

So, as Thanksgiving dinner was served I sat next to him to get the status on whether or not I delivered on my mom’s yummy recipe.

Apparently not.

But, hey, it wasn’t my fault.

“It tastes really orangey,” was the response I got.

Damn it! Where did I go wrong?

I actually thought it tasted really good and my husband thought I needed to dump in a little more O.J. to up the acidity of the dish.

My mom also gave me the thumbs up but, she’s my mom.

So I asked her, “Mom, you said 1/4 cup orange juice, why do mine taste more orangey?”

Her response, “Oh I did?  I forgot, it’s supposed to be 1/8 cup orange juice and 1/8 cup pineapple juice.”

Well…. OK then.

So, I wanted to send an update to the recipe. I quite enjoyed my version of my mom’s sweet potatoes but apparently the TRUE mom’s recipe has less O.J. and a little pineapple juice.

The good thing with this dish is you can add whatever your taste buds desire as those potatoes are being whipped so there is free range to add more spice, juice, butter, whatever.



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