Resolution free

As I said last year, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions and I don’t intend to change my stance on this statement in 2013.

Part of the reason I don’t make them is because I can never seem to think of something that isn’t either a.) entirely too restrictive setting me up for definite failure or b.) something that is too easy I feel like I’m defying the purpose of making a resolution.

Also, they don’t work. Read any article on the subject and it will show that resolution are ridic (ulous).

Instead I make New Year’s additions; things to add to  my life to make it healthier, happier and more peaceful.

This year I even started making some of these additions in December so that come Jan. 1, I wasn’t trying to add too many things at once, which is also a quick route to  failure – overloading yourself with commitments!

Here’s what’s new in my routine these days.  I’ll report back in about a month to share the health benefits of these additions but in the short time I’ve been doing it, I can already tell they are winners.

Daily GGS: GGS stands for Glowing Green Smoothie and I’m completely addicted. Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has created a fiber-rich smoothie that is yummy and so healthy. GGS

I eat it in the morning as breakfast but I wait until I’m REALLY hungry (one of her “rules” for healthy living). I admit, I was completely skeptical at first but this tastes great and is totally filling.  Find the recipe here. If you’re new to these types of drinks, she suggests going with half the recipe to start.

Probiotic supplements: I used to be really good about taking these but I stopped. I am reintroducing them and this time, really paying attention to how my body responds. I think I ate so crappy when I tried them the first time I didn’t notice much of a benefit.

Meatless Mondays, and Wednesdays and Fridays: I just can’t bring myself to ever be a full-blown vegetarian. I tried once after reading “Skinny Bitch” and it lasted about six months. That book will freak you out though, for real.

Then, I got a bite of a carnitas taco and I was back to meat lover.

What can I say? This girl loves her steak. And pork chops. And bacon.

But what I can do is compromise and stay away from the meat at least three days a week.  Animal proteins are tough for the body to digest so backing off from them a few days a week provides sweet relief for your system.  I’ve also resigned to eating meat only at night (another Kimberly Snyder rule).

So these are three I’m starting with. We’ll see how it goes from there.

I don’t plan to make any extreme changes to the exercise regime although there are some new classes I’m dying to try (aerial yoga, anyone?).

Here’s to 2013!


2 thoughts on “Resolution free

  1. Those are all great ones! Good luck and Happy New Year! Xxxo 🙂

    ps Please don’t tell me aerial yoga is poses while skydiving.

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