Fill em’ up

Finding vehicles for vegetables can be fun.

There’s the staples that my hubby and I utilize weekly – Quinoa pasta, baked potatoes and corn tortillas.

But then there are times we want to get creative to keep things fresh and interesting.

The latest vehicle I attempted: crepes.

You can stuff them with anything and they taste so good. Plus, they sound fancy.

This recipe makes about 8 – 10  gluten-free crepes.

I stuffed them with roasted vegetables and topped them off with that vegan avocado pesto sauce I recently wrote about.

I had hoped this would be a quick and easy dinner but crepes are more time-consuming than I thought so definitely plan ahead. After you make the batter, each crepe takes about four minutes, then I popped them in the oven after they were stuffed so they were all toasty warm afterward.

Unfortunately, we stuffed our faces so fast I didn’t take any pictures.Fail, I know but I wanted to share the recipe anyway.

This one comes from Nicole from Gluten-free on a Shoe String. They are super good. I skipped the milk and used unsweetened almond milk instead, which worked well.

CLICK HERE to check out the recipe and find out how she fills them.



One thought on “Fill em’ up

  1. That sounds delish. I haven’t made crepes in a long time, and I have never made them with a savory filling. Thanks for the inspiration! Xxxo 🙂

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