Craving spicy

ChiliThere was a time I thought black pepper was spicy.

Forget red pepper on pizza or pasta and if there were jalepenos in my guacamole I usually couldn’t eat much.   I hated chili and would only eat salsa if it tasted like bland tomatoes.

I just couldn’t do spicy.

Over the years my tolerance for spicy foods had definitely changed, which is common. Over the last few months all of a sudden, I want my food to be spicier than normal.

I need it to be spicy. I’m putting red pepper on everything and dousing all my food in spicier salsa.

I’m still no spice savant but the cravings have been noticeable and significant.

“Am I just getting old and my taste buds are dying?” I asked my husband last night.

“Maybe you’re dying.”

Ah, my husband. Such the beacon of positive light and love. 😉 Although, he does crack me up like nobody else can.

“Great. I’m putting this in my blog and people will think you’re a jerk.”

“Maybe you’re pregnant,” he suggested.

“Not possible,” I said.

So, what the heck gives?

Well apparently everyone has a different opinion.

One website said craving spicy foods means that I am low on zinc and suggests eating more leafy greens (which I already eat a ton of) and red meat (which I eat very little of, so this made some sense).

Another website was sure that craving spicy food means my body is trying to fight some kind of inflammation and reduce pain. Hmmm, interesting.  I haven’t been in any major pain except for some regular muscle soreness.

Yet another health website said craving spicy is your body’s way to try and cool down. It also said if you’re craving spicy “you love order, dislike wasting time and sweat the details”.  A little personality analysis with your health tips over at MSNBC.

The last thing I read said that spicy cravings possibly come on in response to a slowing metabolism. Capsaicin, which is found in some spicy foods like chili peppers, can briefly speed up your metabolism. Also interesting.

Well if all of these are true there seems to be a lot wrong with me.

I’d like to think it’s explanation No. 4 and my body is giving a big middle finger to the aging process. But it seems the zinc deficiency is more likely considering I have majorly cut down on red meat in my diet.

Guess I’ll down even more spinach than I do now. I sort of want to keep these spicy cravings because, I have to say, it’s been kind of a fun change!


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