Fill em’ up

Finding vehicles for vegetables can be fun. There’s the staples that my hubby and I utilize weekly – Quinoa pasta, baked potatoes and corn tortillas. But then there are times we want to get creative to keep things fresh and interesting. The latest vehicle I attempted: crepes. You can stuff them with anything and they … Continue reading

Fish oil flop

It’s been all over the news but I just had to chime in on this new study that concludes those fish oil pills that so many people tout as being a good way to stave off heart disease and possibly prevent stroke don’t actually have any of those promised benefits. The study came from a … Continue reading

Allergic to what now?

Many health magazines and self-proclaimed health food gurus think they know your body. They may tell you to lay off gluten or forgo the red meat. Maybe skipping dairy or eating only organic will be the way some suggest you go.  Paleo this or low-glycemic that are other popular eating trends. While many of these … Continue reading