Comfort for some

So right of the bat I will admit, this recipe isn’t for everybody. I had a hankering for something really rich and really creamy last week and I found this recipe on Pinterest for a vegan Mac-n-Cheese. Completely confused on how anything with cheese in the title could possibly be good with some kind of … Continue reading


So I’m not becoming a vegan but dabbling in the movement couldn’t hurt, right? In my quest to go meatless at least a few times a week, I ran into a problem: finding a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes sans dairy. I started in December and found a few staple dishes that I love but … Continue reading

Pork made easy

When I was a little kid, there was always one meal that reminded me of long summer days and a break from school: my dad’s mushroom pork chops. For anyone who didn’t grow up in the Fletcher family this may not seem the typical hot-weather fare but this is what I remember summer tasting like. … Continue reading