What’s in a name?

So as you’ve probably guessed, my name is not Bettie.

And I’m sure those of you that know me are probably thinking; what’s with the name?

Wonder no more, my friends!

Here’s how it all went down…

For the seven years I’ve been in the newspaper business I have also been a waitress. Pretty much from the age of 18, I have had two jobs.

I’ve been a bartender, a cocktail waitress, a regular waitress and a dance coach. All while trying to boost a career in journalism.

July 30, 2011 marked the happiest day of my life because I married the love of my life, a Mr. Jonathan Blashaw.

But there was a secondary, more selfish reason, July was full of awesomeness for me. After 11 years of being a double-duty diva, I would have a singular job.

In the months leading up to saying goodbye to slinging pasta, I wondered what the hell  I would do with all my free time.

My husband laid it out like this: “I expect you to be a hot wife who keeps the home in great shape.”

For those of you who know J.D. I bet you can almost hear his sarcasm jumping from the page. I, of course, laughed but I didn’t brush it off. I will TAKE that challenge, sir!

And so, I decided I would start writing a blog to chronicle the idea of being both the homemaker and the hottie:  Bettie Paige meets Betty Crocker (see what I did there?)

And the Two Betties was born.

Let me set this straight, first of all.

I in no way intend to start prancing around my apartment in thigh highs and garters (sorry, honey) nor do I intend to make five course meals with my hair perfectly coiffed wearing a day dress and apron.

But rather, I want to capture the essence of these two women, not emulate them.

So this blog will be about food – me attempting to learn the ropes in the kitchen.  Specifically trying to master the art of baking.

And it will be about fitness – something I’ve loved and been involved in since I was a kid but am just now getting really hyped up on.

It will also be about all the random things I find interesting and hope you do too.

I hope this project will be fun, fulfilling and humorous. I want it to be introspective, revealing and engaging.

So come along for a ride, my friends, and don’t be afraid to get involved in the comments section.


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